2018... How We Got Here
It's been more than a decade since I took the plunge and moved to
the gulf coast. It was a calculated risk considering how established
the band had become in Tunica, Ms. The band rotated on a regular
basis between six casinos year round. It was steady and stable work.
And I am grateful to this day for that period of time in Memphis.
Still, something was missing.

For many, many years we frequented the gulf coast. It was always
that breath of fresh air that seemed to give me another push.
We played on a regular rotation at Schooners in Panama City Beach,
A. J.'s in Destin and Live Bait in Orange Beach, Al.
among others.
In the fall of 2003 I made a proposal to the ownership of a new
venue, The Boatyard. And we became the house band there beginning
in February 2004. It was an exciting time. But it came at a price.

At the end of the first season in PCB I was faced with a difficult
decision... Continue the band full time on the road or adjust to the
entertainment needs of what Panama City Beach was becoming.
That meant putting aside the band as a full time endeavor and
partnering with my long time friend and guitar player, Greg Norris
as a duo. I chose the later. Although difficult at the time, I believed it
made the most sense for me and my family.

Greg and I held the spot as house entertainment at the Boatyard
from the fall of 2004 through the end of 2007. We left for a terrific
new opportunity, to become the house band at Jimmy Buffett's
Margaritaville. There the band was reinvented and a new chapter
was written. We opened for and backed Jimmy Buffett twice in 2010.
It was a wonderful ride from 2008 - 2012.

2013 brought changes. At Margaritaville the format moved from
band to duo. Greg and I again moved back into duo mode.
I also worked many duo jobs with Jonathan Nesta, who had been our
bass player during the entire run at Margaritaville.
Additionally, we began working at Schooners and the Boatyard again
on a regular basis. The band played about one weekend a month at
various locations in and around PCB.

So, here we are in 201
The Barry Fish Band will once again be a staple this summer
at Schooners performing every other weekend.

We still perform at private parties,
weddings and corporate events.
Meanwhile, Greg and I play Margaritaville most every
Sunday & Monday.
Tuesdays & Thursdays you can catch us at Schooners.
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